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Read our travel tips from the experts to help you prepare for your next vacation.

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The Apps You Need

Technology has made a huge difference to the way we travel. Thirty years ago travelers used to carry along paper maps and guidebooks for each place they were visiting. Fast-forward three decades and, with the aid of technology, so much has changed. Mobile phones are light and easy to carry.

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Beauty on the go

Taking selfies and putting them up on Instagram or Facebook on your holidays are the norm these days. However, holidays can be hectic. Throw in time zone changes and jet lag, very soon, you won’t look beautiful for the cameras anymore when dry skin, frizzy hair and chapped lips start appearing.

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Depart Worry-free

Tips for protecting your home while you’re away. The next time you head out for a local getaway, take the family to the tropics, or hop a flight across the world, make sure you take steps to protect your home while you’re away. After all, a vacation should be about enjoying yourself, not worrying about the risks that could present themselves while you’re away. Consider this checklist of items before you leave, so you can relax while you’re away and feel good about coming home.

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Explore with Confidence

The next time you make plans to vacation, make sure you and your family is prepared before you leave home. After all, a vacation should be a time to enjoy yourself, not focus on the risks you may face along the way.

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10 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Few people would dispute that international travel is a lot of fun, but there is a downside: jet lag. Sadly there is no cure (at least not yet) but there are plenty of things smart travellers can do to make crossing time zones easier. Follow our 10-step guide.

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Traveling with children

Vacations are all about quality family time, but that's not to say that travelling with young children isn't exhausting.

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8 Unusual Airports

Airports these days offer so much more than just shopping and food. From giant slides to miniature terminals, not to mention priceless works of art, here’s our rundown on eight of the world’s most unusual airport terminals.

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